​​​April Mansilla

​A little About Me

 I became an artist more out of necessity than want…. oh but what a beautiful necessity is has become!

I started creating in my teens, when the world appeared lonely, and I thought, impossible to find direction in life’s labyrinth. With a sketch pad in hand, I created the worlds I desired to belong in. Creating became my companion, my voice and a direction towards hope.

Art, during certain dark times in my adult life, became my voice when it was difficult to express my thoughts, my reason to get up in the morning when I assumed I lost everything. Artistic expression was proof on the page that I still existed.

Now my life (and art) is much different, brighter. My view of this world has strengthened, so even in the hardest, darkest moments, I see ever present beauty.

I rise each morning at 5 am, walking into my studio with a coffee in hand, content, knowing I navigated through what I thought was impossible.

I’m still devoted as ever to carrying a sketchbook around everywhere. Now I realize, in my collected sketchbooks from 15 to now, I knew all along where I belonged.

I just had to create my bigger picture.

My Best to all of you ,