"Infinite Hope" 

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Vincent Van Gogh

I couldn’t agree more because this mural is the perfect example of that quote. The group of us that diligently created this work of art, each put a part of themselves into this project. From the selecting of our favorite colours to the combining many ideas and finally our personal dreams and hopes, not only for ourselves but those who going to view this. There lies no separation in this work, where one of us started and another ended. We created in unity and harmony, the end result, many small ideas, and brushstrokes turned into something grander then we could have ever imagined at the beginning of this mural journey.

Every Thursday we met to create a piece that was unique, beautiful but most of all optimistic. For me, it had just been a few months since I left the inpatient ward when I was invited to join. I was hesitant at first but it was such a welcoming group how could I say no? I have to admit there were some Thursdays I did not want to come ,I wanted to lie in bed and fade away ,but knowing I was needed and wanted as part of the whole , I resisted that urge and made my way into a room full of bright colours ,smiles, laughter ,personal stories and so much more.

For the hours we were there, what was once a blank room turned into a sanctuary of purpose and belonging, a place where a work of art was brought to life out of the fragments of colours and blending of thoughts to complete a work that was both whole and healing.

It took all of us months to create this mural and in that time we were nurtured by art, a crucial part in healing I believe. I want to believe those viewing this will feel nurtured as well.

 I think all of us have our struggles, there is not one spared from some kind of turmoil no matter how small. I personally know how important it is to need light within our lives. This work was our way to capture that. This work was not created just for the clients but to bring optimism and hope to the Doctors, Nurses, Art Therapists, Spiritual Care and everyone that works diligently at this hospital.

 There is that familiar saying if this wall could talk and I believe these walls now can with the combined voices of us who created this piece. What are they saying? Well to everyone art is subjective but I hope that this speaks to you in the way it does to me. I am brave, I am strong I deserve to be a beacon of light and purpose in this world.





Thoughts on the mural


Murals created for St.Joes west 5th Hamilton, help with recovery through the artistic process and bring hope to the hospital.

April Mansilla

"Window Of Opportunity" was created as an interactive mural for the Waterfall unit